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Prevent Foot Injuries By Looking For These Four Qualities In Your Dress Shoe

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Many people choose their dress shoes based on appearance alone, but this is a mistake. Especially if you wear your dress shoes daily, they need to keep your feet healthy and supported as you sit, stand and walk. For a shoe that will help you avoid injuries and foot ailments, look for these qualities:


Most dress shoes are made from leather, which is not a very breathable material. Thus, you'll want to be looking for some sort of ventilation built into the design. In some shoes, this ventilation consists of a few holes punched into the toe area. Other times, it may be portions of braided or woven leather; a little air can flow between the pieces. Breathability is important for allowing moisture to escape. If your feet stay moist all day, you'll be more prone to athlete's foot and other fungal infections.

Arch Support

You probably don't walk miles in your dress shoes, but since you wear them often, the time you spend walking in them does add up. Walking around in shoes with no arch support can lead to a condition known as plantar fasciitis, in which the connective tissue in the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed. Look at the interior of the shoe; you should see some padding along the inside portion of the sole.

Flexible Material

Keep in mind that most pairs of shoes will become more flexible as you wear them. It's okay to buy one that's a little less flexible than you desire, as it will probably soften up to meet your needs perfectly within a week or so. Stay away, however, from shoes made from very stiff materials. They will not allow your foot to bend and flex naturally, and they might even rub on your foot, causing blisters and sores.

Enough Room in the Toe

Make sure you choose a shoe that's wide enough and long enough in the front section to accommodate your toes. Sometimes, this might be a simple matter of choosing the right size and width shoe. Other time, you may need to choose a different model of shoe to accommodate your toes. Shoes that don't give the toes enough space can lead to bunions and corns. You should be able to wiggle your toes around inside the shoe, and it should not feel like it's pinching.

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