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Keep Getting Blisters? Try These Preventative Measures

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When your feet experience friction, heat, and moisture, they might begin to develop blisters. These blisters can be very uncomfortable and can even become infected if you do not treat them properly. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent blisters in the first place.

Wear Socks

Make sure you wear socks with your shoes. Socks provide the cushioning necessary to protect your feet from blisters. This is especially important when you are engaged in sports or hiking. Also, if you get a new pair of footwear, do not wear it for a long period. Instead, wear your shoes for shorter periods until you have broken them in.

Put On a Second Layer

Double layers of socks will help provide your feet with additional padding that will reduce the risk of blisters forming. However, if your shoes are already too tight, double-layered socks can make your shoes even more confining. Also, the socks can make your feet hotter.

Wash Your Feet Regularly

Wash your feet regularly to remove dirt. If you head to the beach and your feet become covered in sand, make sure to brush the sand off promptly. This will reduce rubbing and friction from the dirt particles on your skin.

Keep Your Feet Dry

If you go swimming, make sure you dry your feet. Also, if it is raining or you step in a puddle and your feet get wet, change your socks and dry your feet. Moisture can increase the chances that you will get blisters. Consider getting moisture-wicking socks.

Cool Your Feet

If you're a frequent runner, you may notice that your feet can get very hot. You should try a different combination of shoes and socks to determine if these changes affect how much circulation your feet receive. Also, not tying your shoes as tightly can not only improve circulation, but also make your shoes less constricting and reduce the risk of blisters. Still, you should make sure you don't leave your shoes so loose that you're likely to trip or not get the proper support.

Get Insoles

When your blisters are often at the bottom of your feet, consider getting insoles. Not only will these reduce the chances of blisters forming, but they will also make your feet less tired of you spend a lot of time standing.

Visit a Podiatrist

When you have tried almost everything and your feet still get blisters, consider visiting a podiatrist, like one from Better Foot Care. He or she may be able to identify a cause that you have missed and prescribe lifestyle modifications that can reduce your chances of developing blisters in the future.