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3 Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

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A podiatrist is one of the most useful types of healthcare professionals you can visit, mostly because he or she will be able to diagnose and treat a wide array of issues and illnesses. A podiatrist is a doctor whose primary focus is going to be on your feet, toes, legs, and all of the associated joints. Listed below are just a few of the many reasons to visit a podiatrist.

You are Considering Running

One of the most important reasons to see your podiatrist is if you are considering taking up running as a hobby or as a means to get into shape. Your podiatrist can help you in this situation by examining your feet, legs, and joints to determine if they are up to running regularly. If those areas are not up to the task, your podiatrist may recommend that you begin slowly by walking more to build up the strength of your feet and legs before you move up to running.

A podiatrist can also help you prevent issues from developing in the first place. He or she can advise you to buy a specific type of running shoe to spare you any unnecessary strain or discomfort.

You are Experiencing a Lot of Pain

One of the most common reasons to see a podiatrist is if you are experiencing pain in your feet, legs, or back. A common reason for pain in those areas is if you are walking improperly. When you visit a podiatrist, he or she will most likely request that you walk back and forth a bit so that he or she can observe your gait.

This will allow the podiatrist to determine if you are walking unnaturally and if that is the root cause of your pain. In that situation, the podiatrist can either offer you prescription footwear to fix your gait or further inspect your foot and ankle to determine if there is another issue causing the pain. For example, common conditions that could be causing the unnatural gait can include corns or other growths that make it painful to walk normally or arthritis.

You Have Discolored Toenails

Finally, you will want to visit a podiatrist if you notice that your toenails are beginning to become discolored. A discolored toenail can be a result of a number of different fungal infections that can take root underneath a toenail. If the discoloration is a result of a fungal infection, it is very important to see your podiatrist, as many fungal infections are quite resistance to over-the-counter medications and can spread to the rest of your toes very quickly.

Make an appointment with a local podiatrist, such as Summit Foot & Ankle Specialists, today in order to discuss how he or she can help you out with your particular condition. This type of doctor can help ensure that your body is ready and well enough to take up running as well as diagnosing and treating everything from discolored toenails to foot, leg, and back pain.