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How Can You Soothe A Sore Hammertoe At The End Of A Long Day?

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Having your hammertoe surgically repaired can be a painful and involved process. For this reason, podiatrists don't usually recommend hammertoe surgery unless the condition severely impacts your ability to walk and function. Still, even with mild to moderate hammertoe, there are bound to be days when you come home and your toe is sore. Here are some ways to help alleviate that soreness after a long day of work.

An Ice Bath

Applying an ice pack to your toe is a bit difficult, but soaking your foot in a tub of ice water is a lot easier. Fill a shallow tub with cold water, add a few ice cubes, and put your foot in. It will feel overly cold at first, but you'll adapt in a minute or two. Leave your foot in the bath for about 15 minutes -- this is long enough to reduce pain and inflammation without causing frostbite.


Touching your toe may be a bit painful at first. However, if you start with gentle strokes and slowly work your way up to adding more pressure, massage will stimulate inflammation to the area and help draw out the inflammation that's making your toe so sore. Use just two fingers, and pinch your toe between them. Slide the pinched fingers from the base of your toe to the tip of your toe and back again. If your toe is very sore, try applying some lotion or oil to the toe so that your fingers slide over it more easily.


This one sounds super simple -- and it is. On the sorest days, you may want to elevate your toe for a few minutes before trying one of the other methods on this list since it's a relaxing way to bring down some of the soreness. Just lay back on the couch with your leg elevated on a pillow. The key is to ensure your toe is at a higher level than your heart so that any fluid it contains drains back towards your heart.

If these methods are not overly effective, you can also try taking a pain reliever. An NSAID, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, is typically the most effective since it alleviates inflammation and pain. Talk to a podiatrist at a clinic like Advanced Foot Clinic if the pain becomes a daily occurrence rather than the occasional annoyance. You may be a candidate for more intensive treatments like cortisone injections or even surgical repair.